the Angels EP - 2015

Music & Lyrics:
Carlos Candido

Inspired by the tragic events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
This song is dedicated to the loving memory of the victims and to the families, friends and survivors of gun violence.

Performed by:
Yann Bonato DeAngelis: Bass Guitar
Christine Agozzino: Drums
Derek Orsi: Electric Guitar
Carlos Candido: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Confessions: An Almost Broken Man

Extremely Limited Collectors Edition
7 Song Compilation
5 Live Performances & 2 One-take Acoustic Ditties.

Track List:

OVER - Live - Bar Privateer 6-09-12
SHINING BRIGHT - Live - Bar Privateer 6-09-12
NOT MY SIN - Live - Piranha Bar 2-05-13
HOLDING ON - Live - 3 Minots 13-04-13
YOU ARE? - Live - 3 Minots 20-05-11
bonus tracks:
ALWAYS WAITING - (Soundcloud)
OF SPACE AND TIME - City and Colour - Acoustic Cover

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