Carlos Candido, a self-released artist, is known primarily as a solo acoustic performer and front-man and guitarist of the Carlos Candido Band: a dark mixture of alternative rock and acoustic folk, rock styles. Carlos is a poet, powerful, melodic vocalist and storyteller. 

Carlos started singing at a very young age; listening to Top 40, oldies, classic rock, metal & Motown, he quickly grasped the dynamics of vocals, harmonies and musical melody. At 14, he picked up a classical guitar and started to learn to play just so he could perform songs from his favourite bands.

In June 2013, Carlos signed up for the EMERGENZA Montreal Music Festival.  

Through the fierce final competition, the Carlos Candido band left everything on the Finals stage, and there was no doubt with the judges as to who was going to represent Canada as EMERGENZA Canada 2014 Winners at the Taubertal Open Air Festival, in Rothenburg Germany: The EMERGENZA International Finals. 

The Angels EP, a 3 song exhibition of production, writing and musicianship is Carlos' first release. Dropped in 2015 with the help of Kickstarter, The Angels EP made an impact on internet radio around the world. Carlos is currently in studio recording songs for his second release and first full length album.

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