1. Angels

From the recording the Angels EP

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sitting here for hours, looking at that shelf
the pages getting whiter, like a mirror to myself
i struggle for the answers, questions frighten me
circles getting wider, harder, just to see

the lightning flashes brighter, right before my eyes
the sky's've ripped right open, drowning Angels cry
innocence escaping, mothers disbelief
my anger's dissipating , transformed to stricken grief

No, Oh how I needed to feel. Oh how I needed you here. Here with me.

Wake up to illusions, delusions fill my mind
your voice's sending shivers, a shot right through my spine
I wait for the warmth of your arms wrapped around me
but I'll forever shiver, my hands down to my feet

No, Oh how I needed to feel. Oh how I needed you here.

I feel them Angels, using their wings to lift me off the ground
I hear them Angels, the songs they sing they are deafening
I see them Angels, they're crying, crying for all of us
I see you my Angel, I see you and you're smiling down on me